The Wintertime Trifecta

We Minnesotans like to complain about the weather, this I know to be true. It’s either too hot or too cold. There’s too much rain or not enough, too much snow or not enough, too many days when the sun doesn’t shine.

And then there is the wind; always we seem to have the wind.

If we didn’t have to complain about the weather, what would we have to complain about? I mean, really, we live in the land of 10,000 lakes. We can find nature’s beauty from the Blue Mounds of Rock County to the Lake Superior shoreline and everywhere in between.

It’s just that, well, it’s too darn cold to go exploring — at least for me, that is.

And so, I’m stuck in my house, trying to keep from going stir-crazy.

Winter. It’s the season for doing all of those mundane household tasks I’m always too busy (or too disinterested in) to do any other time of the year … like cleaning out the closets, vacuuming under the bed or organizing photos in albums.

Not that I’ve done any of those things, well, except for the vacuuming.

I weeded through my needlework stash last weekend, pulling out all of the fabric I was never going to use due to my already bifocal-aided eyes. Through some online selling, I shipped off packages to such tropical paradises as Florida and Hawaii, telling my fellow needlework addicts I wish I could ship myself to their locale as well.

Although, I pondered, if it wasn’t -20 degrees in my lovely hometown, I wouldn’t be spending my weekends working with needle and thread.

Winter. It’s my season to stitch. With the stitching lamp above my head and the electric heater at my feet, who cares what the weather is doing outside!

After selling several pieces of higher count fabrics, I feel a little better about my stash, although I shouldn’t. The time spent on the computer selling items also lured me to online needlework shops and cross-stitch addict sites where I found specialty fabrics and threads I just had to have. A few packages have already arrived, making me feel like a kid on Christmas morning. (Only an addict will understand!)

To break up my stitching time, there are plenty of other things to do in the house — like organize my boxes of tea. How can one person have 12 boxes of tea? I either need to start drinking more tea or I need to stop looking at all of the tantalizing varieties in the grocery store.

The problem with having too many options is I spend 10 minutes trying to figure out if I want raspberry tea, peppermint tea, cinnamon and spice tea, vanilla tea,apple tea or plain old Earl Grey. I’m now sipping a cup of vanilla tea and wishing I had chosen the raspberry tea instead!

Oh well, tea and needlework, needlework and tea — that’s what’s getting me through this winter. Well, those and audiobooks. I’ve discovered they are great to listen to while stitching, and I’m able to log them as part of the library’s winter reading program.

It’s like the trifecta of wintertime joy, right in my own living room!

Now if you’ll excuse me, Chapter 10 and my latest needlework project are patiently waiting.