Summer Is Here, Where Is The Pause Button?

These cooler June days of late have been simply wonderful. It’s great for the budget to turn off the air conditioner, open up the windows and let the cool breezes fill up my little house. When the thermostat showed a chilly 65 degrees indoors, though, it was time to either close the windows or dig out a sweatshirt and slippers.

The evenings were so nice last weekend I gathered up my latest needlework project and sat in my backyard rocker to stitch a bit under “natural” light. As the cars sped around the racetrack across town Sunday, I tried to pretend the roar of the motors was instead the sound of waves crashing toward shore. Instead of robins chirping in the trees, I thought of the distant call of the loon.

Dreaming of a summer vacation at the lake? You bet!

It doesn’t look like it’s going to happen this summer, though. One look at my calendar shows weekend plans of some sort through the Nobles County Fair in mid-August.

That’s what happens when we live in the Midwest. We only have so many weeks between snowmelt and snowfall to pack it all in, and because we are so busy, the time just flies by. Come January and February the days will seem to drag on forever.

With winter comes a restlessness within the confines of my home’s walls. Oh, how I dream for the days I can sink my feet into the freshly mowed lawn, take my evening strolls along the lake or sit at the end of the dock waiting for the fish to bite.

Winter makes us appreciate the summer; and summer busyness helps us learn to appreciate the winter doldrums. Relax, run, relax, run — it’s a constant cycle.

If only I could hit the pause button just long enough to take it all in.