Mapping Out My Summer

I’ve been trying to keep my chin up during Mother Nature’s cold blasts and put a smile on my face even when the weather outside has offered little to smile about.

If you can’t do anything to fix the weather, there’s really no sense in complaining about it, right?

Never-the-less, I am likely among the majority when I admit I wanted to hurl something at the TV on Sunday, after Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow, making it clear we must endure winter for, well, as long as it lasts.

That is, after all, the case every year — regardless of whether the famed groundhog sees his shadow.

So, as we endure this long Minnesota winter, my thoughts have drifted to warmer days by the lake with a fishing pole in my hand and a bobber bobbing along the ripples of the water.

A couple of weeks ago, my nephew and I mapped out our fishing plans, deciding when I should take vacation to catch the northern pike lunkers at one of his secret fishing locales, and when I should schedule a work break to join him on the Iowa Great Lakes for some walleye and panfishing.

Yes, for the first time ever, I may be springing for both the Minnesota and Iowa fishing license.

As far as I’m concerned, it is money well spent. There are few things in life that cost less than $20 and offer, if you so choose, 12 months of relaxed, virtually stress-free enjoyment. Since I’m not so much a fan of ice fishing, my fishing license gets used for less than six months of the year.

Still, it is a great value —and the best part is getting to visit with family and friends willing to join me for a day at the lake.

So, as yet another wind chill advisory is issued for the region, my thoughts more frequently drift off to summer days on the shoreline, daydreaming about life and goals and waiting — just waiting — for something to take the bait.