Going Stir Crazy

This column will not be a rant about how cold it has been or will be again. I promise not to complain about wind chills, white-outs, dead batteries or drifting snow.

Surely there’s something more exciting than reading about how awful this winter is, considering that —  like every other Minnesotan (and Midwesterner) — I’m living and breathing (although sometimes painfully) the bitter cold … arctic air … polar vortex … whatever-descriptive-word-you-want-to-add … weather in this frozen tundra we are proud to call home.

This was the kind of weather I dreamed of just a couple of years ago, when I had oodles of projects at home to finish. How I longed for a weekend-long blizzard to force me to stay home and “accomplish something.”

Now, after a week of every-other-day blizzards, I must admit I’m going a bit stir crazy.

My upstairs crafting room is completely organized. My bobbins of thread are color coordinated, floss cards are filed in numerical order, the stash of pattern books are in binders and bins and the scrapbook papers are all neatly tucked in their own easy-to-find space.

I’ve decluttered, mopped, vacuumed, dusted and even donated items to Goodwill. My books are now in one location on an extra-large bookshelf; and I’ve organized my kitchen utensils in the drawer.

I’m pretty sure I’ve gone crazy — stir crazy!

I’m now stitching my fifth hardanger doily since November — a credit to the wintery weather and those wonderful no-line bifocals I, um, earned last summer. I’ve found I can stitch for hours without getting headaches, though that isn’t to say some other part of my body isn’t aching!

I’ve been so bored in the confines of my quiet little house that, while searching for a particular movie in the romance bin at ShopKo last week, I completely organized the bin’s contents. When I walked away, all of the movie titles were face up — and there was no double stacking, either. (The good news is I got the last copy of the movie I was looking for … and promptly went home and stuck it in the DVD player!)

I haven’t been out to the farm to see my folks, or my dog, for two weeks. The parents showed up at my door this morning with two bags filled with goodies — homemade chicken soup, leftover hotdish and an assortment of frozen beef cuts from the steer my dad had processed a few weeks ago.

I was quite appreciative of all the goodies; and the meat filled up a good portion of my freezer.

So, I guess if the wind continues to blow, and the snow continues to fall, I’ll just turn up the thermostat, put a movie in the player and slice and dice up a stew for the Crock-Pot.

What more do I need?

Well, perhaps a guest for some conversation. If this weather keeps up, I might start talking to myself … out loud.