Getting Ahead Of The Holidays

I just can’t wait anymore. I’m going to decorate my house for Christmas this weekend.

Yes, I know it’s not even Thanksgiving yet. Yes, I know I should take one holiday at a time … and I will.

I’m feeling inspired after touring Mary and Dan Huls’ holiday home last weekend for a story on the Christmas House Walk (The event is this Friday and Saturday, by the way.)

Not only that, but the Hallmark Channel began its Countdown to Christmas programming on Nov. 1. After going a few years without expanded basic cable TV, I find myself spending a lot more time in front of the TV than I used to. (I usually try to have a stitching project in my hands, so it’s not a total waste of time.)

As if I didn’t have enough to fill my free time, I pulled a stash of Christmas-themed books off the bookshelf at home, and can hardly wait to get home after work each day to escape to a winter wonderland. (Better the winter wonderland be something I read about in a book than have to experience in real life, that’s for sure!)

And so, I’ll spend the better part of a day setting up and decorating the Christmas tree as my Randy Travis CD plays “Old Time Christmas” and other favorites. My Chipmunks Christmas tape is also good for a few smiles.

I’m thinking I may even set up the Christmas village this year. I’ve been in my home for eight years now and have yet to go through the work of putting it out. It’s about time, I’d say.

While Thanksgiving is still a week away, I promise not to plug in the Christmas tree lights until the day after the turkey feast.

I can do all of my decorating on the inside while still leaving my turkey flag hanging outside, right? I’ll hang the icicle lights outdoors and promise they won’t be lit until Nov. 29. (Some of you may be watching, after all!)

Yes, I’ll take it one holiday at a time, and Thanksgiving is an important one, to be sure.

I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving, a fully-cooked turkey and family and friends around your table.