The Tooth Fairy Discrepancy

Two seven-year-old tykes stayed at my house over the weekend – nephew Reece minus his two front teeth (I know what he wants for Christmas!) and niece Katie, whose front tooth was so loose she could push it forward with her tongue to a nearly horizontal position. (She did this too, especially to gross out her Aunt Julie!)

The close-in-age cousins (two months and three days apart) started talking about how many teeth they’d lost and how much the Tooth Fairy left under their pillow.

Oh, the Tooth Fairy…

I remember those days. The prized tooth was placed under the pillow, and in the morning, a quarter would be in its place. I always wondered how the Tooth Fairy could be so sneaky and get that tooth out from under my sleepy head and put a coin under my pillow.

Back then, about the only thing I could buy for a quarter was a pack of baseball cards with a tasteless stick of pink bubblegum – or a real piece of bubblegum from the gumball machine.

I suppose the gumball machine is still an option, but does today’s Tooth Fairy still just pay a quarter a tooth?

Wow, was that the wrong question to ask!

It turns out there’s a major discrepancy between the Tooth Fairy who visits Reece’s house in Fairmont and the Tooth Fairy who comes to Katie’s house near Ellsworth.
Nephew Reece got a whole dollar for each of his three lost teeth. Niece Katie, on the other hand, looked rather depressed after admitting she got just 15 cents for her first tooth.

Fifteen cents! Three nickels! I think Little Miss Katie needs to have a chat with her Tooth Fairy (perhaps Aunt Julie needs to say something too, like through a blog post!) Katie didn’t even get paid for her second lost tooth because, well, she really, truly lost it. (It fell out while she was gone from home, she stuck it in her pocket for later placement under her pillow and forgot about it.) My guess is it joined all of the lost socks that go into the dryer and never come out!

For much of Sunday, Katie walked around with her loose tooth – afraid to pull it out by herself, and even more afraid of her dad, uncle, sister and grandpa … all of whom offered to help yank it out. (Uncle Jason went so far as to get the needle nose pliers out of the kitchen cabinet – if that wouldn’t keep a kid from opening her mouth, I don’t know what would!)

Well, the tooth was still firmly dangling from her upper gum when I went home Sunday afternoon. My guess is it has fallen out by now – perhaps it’s even under her pillow tonight. I sure hope the Tooth Fairy can spare more than a few nickels this time around!