Oh Baby, What’s Your Name?

Jacob and Sophia topped the list as the most popular baby names for 2012, according to a report released Friday by the Social Security Administration.

Rest assured neither of those names has been chosen by my nephew and niece as they await the arrival of Baby No. 2 in just a few weeks.

Aside from learning the gender of the baby, the baby’s name is often the second-most important question to be asked of new parents, followed closely by the baby’s health and the mother’s health.

It’s kind of funny how much discussion comes from choosing a baby’s name. Oftentimes, the parents have to put up with opinionated aunts or uncles (although I’m pretty sure most uncles could care less about the baby’s name) and are entertained by the suggestions given by their 2-year-old or older children.

I’m not sure if Brody has weighed in with a baby name for his new little brother or sister, but one thing is for sure — he wants a sister. (Did I mention he’s 2? Give him another couple of years and he’ll be pleading for brothers, I’m sure!)

As the Great Aunt, my role in choosing a baby name is non-existent — as well it should be. While there are a few names I’d cringe at, it’s the parents who will get the awkward looks and whispers if they creatively make up a name or crown their kid Pepsi or Cola (a traveling salesman once told my folks he’d met a family who gave their kids those names).

So, for any expectant parents out there, the Social Security Administration’s list of top baby names is a good source to seek ideas.

Nephew Matt took one look at the Top 10 nationwide list and said their choices for girl and boy names weren’t mentioned. I didn’t ask what they are considering —like the gender, I’ll be equally surprised by the name.

The Top 10 boy names in 2012, in order, were: Jacob, Mason, Ethan, Noah, William, Liam, Jayden, Michael, Alexander and Aiden. For girls, the Top 10 were: Sophia, Emma, Isabella, Olivia, Ava, Emily, Abigail, Mia, Madison and Elizabeth.

The Social Security Administration also provides a Top 100 list of baby names in each state, so I printed off the list and gave it to one of the women at the Daily Globe who’s due in just a couple of weeks.

Nephew Matt perused it as well, but he didn’t have the patience to look through the three-page list to see if he and Kaitlin’s choices were included.

In the essence of time (and space), I’ll list Minnesota’s Top 10 Baby Names for 2012 below:

Boys: Mason, William, Ethan, Liam, Henry, Owen, Benjamin, Noah, Jackson and Logan.

Girls: Emma, Olivia, Sophia, Ava, Avery, Evelyn, Ella, Isabella, Grace and Abigail.

If you want to see the full list, click here and select the state of your choice.

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