The Christmas Crock-Pot … Or Not

It shouldn’t have come as a surprise that Godson Reece grabbed the largest present in his stash to open up first during our family Christmas gathering on Sunday.

The surprise for both of us came when he peeled the wrapping paper off the box. You see, there was this big picture of a Crock-Pot on the side of the box.

“Ha, ha – you’re getting a Crock-Pot for Christmas!” said Reece’s dad, my younger brother.

Reece took one look in my direction – the gifter of the yet-unknown present lurking inside the Crock-Pot box – and, from my point of view, it looked like all of the excitement of Christmas had instantly deflated from the normally bubbly seven-year-old.

“Nu-uhhh,” Reece answered his dad; then a sort of question to me, “Are you kidding me?”

I shrugged and smiled.

“Just open it up,” I encouraged.

It was a couple of weeks ago that I took Reece and another nephew and niece to the local farm store to admire the selection of toy John Deere implements. Reece knew the stop was to help me get ideas for Christmas. The kid has just about every John Deere toy imaginable – or so it seems. What I learned that day, however, is that although he may have a small anhydrous tank and a small tractor, he still needs the one a little larger.

A John Deere-loving little boy can never have too many implements of varying sizes to go with his tiny tractors, his medium-sized tractors and his large tractors.

Obviously, Reece knew he was likely going to get something from one of those store shelves for Christmas from his Aunt Julie. And it really didn’t matter if it was a tractor or a disk or a combine – it only mattered that it was green and yellow.

So, you can about imagine the disappointment in his eyes when he thought I bought him a Crock-Pot.

As Reece struggled to pull the tape from the box, other uncles in the room began to tease Reece about his new gift. The more they teased, the more upset he appeared.

The frustration was short-lived though. After getting some help to peel back the tape, Reece soon discovered there was no kitchen appliance whatsoever in his foreseeable future.

He pulled out the tissue paper, unraveled the bubble wrap and got the biggest smile on his face when he discovered a brand new, John Deere hay baler hidden inside.

He may have been pleased with his new Christmas gift, but I think I got the best gift of all – seeing the excitement of Christmas once again through the eyes of a child.

My wish for you is that you take some time this season to enjoy the spirit of the holiday with family and friends. Have a Merry Christmas!