I’m Rich, I’m Rich

I’m rich, I’m rich … and no, I haven’t won the Powerball lottery – at least, not yet!

The days and weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas are always filled with excitement, but this year – this day – seems to be even more so, what with all the talk about a $550 million Powerball jackpot that may – or may not – go out tonight.

For the first time in I don’t know how long, I succumbed to the desire to have a little Lottery ticket in my hand come 9:59 p.m. The excitement of what is to come is worth the little bit of money I spent; and the excitement that awaits the eventual winner … well, I can’t imagine!

The thing is, I think I like dreaming about coming into that much money more than I would appreciate actually winning it. Becoming an instant millionaire is a life-changing experience, and maybe I’m comfortable with my life the way it is.

I have a roof over my head, clothes in the closet, food in the cupboards, a full-time job, family, friends, hobbies and enough needlework fabric, patterns and threads to last my lifetime.

What more could I possibly want when I have so much more than so many people in this world?

Sure, I wouldn’t mind having a home with a larger bathroom (first priority) and a larger kitchen (second priority); but my house is just the right size for one person – and proves to be too much to clean already (blame it on that needlework stash previously mentioned!)

I wouldn’t mind going from extreme basic cable to expanded basic either. Then I could watch my favorite Hallmark and Lifetime movies and get my daily inspiration from HGTV and CMT. Heck, if I won the lottery, I might even invest in one of those big flat-screen televisions. For now, I’m perfectly happy with the older model.

If I won the lottery, I could afford a membership to a gym and actually hire a personal trainer – maybe even a personal chef. I could afford to get healthier.

If I won the lottery, I could give more money to my favorite charities – church, the American Cancer Society and 4-H. I could create scholarships for at-risk youths, and ensure all of my nieces and nephews, grand-nieces and grand-nephews had an opportunity to get a college education.

If I won the lottery, I would invest in land. I would travel – oh, how I would love to travel.

If I won the lottery, I could afford to try a new career. Maybe I’d become a travel writer, or maybe I’d be a stay-at-home writer of books – kids books.

If I won the lottery … I’d really hope that it wouldn’t change me.

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  1. Dear Julie,
    I always enjoy reading your stories!!!!! How are your parents? Tell them “hi” and a Bessed Christmas greeting to them, you and the rest of the family. We have been in TX since Oct 12th–weather is wonderful down here. Also tell Joannie Harms “hi” as she’s a friend from Harris.
    We have the Globe for our home page and always enjoy reading it on the web page.
    Marlene (Huls) Loring

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