Celebrating A Century

Later this month, the Daily Globe will publish a collection of stories on the newly designated Century Farms from southwest Minnesota. There are about 15 honored farms from the six counties in the newspaper’s coverage area this year, which means newsroom staff have been busy scheduling and conducting interviews in recent weeks, in addition to working on stories for your daily newspaper.

The Century Farm edition is something I look forward to each year. I love chatting with farmers about the place they call home – about the place their family has called home for 100 years or more.

Earlier this week, while visiting one of the Century Farms I’m writing about, a farmer proudly said he’d never moved off the farm. His wife, on the other hand, had moved 26 times. In another interview, I was told an ancestor had moved four or five times, all while never leaving the farmstead.

While each story shares a certain commonality of a family who came, bought land on the southwest Minnesota prairie and passed that land down from one generation to the next, the differences come in the everyday lives of the people who settled here. Some struggled more than others, yet they all had the will – the determination – to care for the land, and nurture the land so it would take care of them.

How many people, these days, can say a business started by their ancestors a century ago is still in the family today? I’m sure there aren’t many. Frankly, it surprises me that so many farms have achieved this feat, considering the gradual loss of farmsteads in the countryside. To those who have, I congratulate you!

Watch for our special Today’s Farm: Century Farms issue in the June 27 edition of the Daily Globe.