Spread A Little Cheer To The Troops

As people gather in schools throughout southwest Minnesota today to honor our veterans of all wars, I’d like to ask you to hit the stores afterward and buy some requested supplies for our soldiers serving in Afghanistan and Iraq.

They weren’t able to be here, in our communities, to join in celebration and honor of our heroes. Most of them won’t be here this Thanksgiving, sitting around the table and feasting on turkey and the trimmings. And, they will miss out on Christmas too — the feasting, family togetherness and the snow.

I know several churches are compiling care packages for the troops, as well as the AmericInn in Worthington.

On Monday night, from 5 to 7 p.m., the community is encouraged to stop by the AmericInn in Worthington to assemble care packages. If you know of a soldier presently serving in Iraq or Afghanistan, bring their name and address too — the AmericInn will make sure they get a package.

An article about the AmericInn Cares program was published in the Daily Globe last week. While numerous monetary donations were dropped off at the local motel, they haven’t received too many donations for the care packages. AmericInn is working with Minnesota’s Blue Star Mothers to send the packages out in time for Christmas.

I thought perhaps a complete list of items being sought might help you, our readers, develop a shopping list.

So, here it is, in its entirety:

 Beef jerky

Beef summer sausage

Ramen noodles

Easy Mac

Pop-top ravioli/stew

Pop-top tuna/chicken

Breakfast/Power bars

Granola bars

Instant oatmeal packets

Pudding cups

Fruit cups

Fruit snacks

Trail mix

Sunflower seeds



Little Debbie snacks

Pop Tarts

Chips, pretzels (single serve packs)

Microwave popcorn

Chocolate candy

Individually wrapped mints

Hot chocolate/apple cider mix

Drink boxes

Gatoraid (single serve size)

Crystal Light (single serve packets)

Tea/coffee (single serve)

Gum/hard candy/licorice

Band-Aids, Q-Tips


Deodorant (men and women)


Unscented wipes (small pack)

Baby wipes (small pack)

Individual Kleenex packs

Ziploc bags (snack/sandwich size)


Envelopes, cards

Pens/mechanical pencils

Small paint brushes

Small hand sanitizer

Foot powder

Cough drops

Fingernail clippers

Devotional books

Small sports balls

Playing cards/dice

Please drop all your donations off at the AmericInn in Worthington by 5 p.m. Monday.