The Fading Sun

I absolutely love this time of year, when the leaves turn their beautiful shades of oranges, yellows and reds, and then fall from the trees and crunch under foot.

I like driving down country roads and seeing the combines chewing up stalks and spitting everything but those little golden nuggets of corn out the back end.

I relish the cooler evening temperatures, pumpkins and hoarding a supply of squash for the winter.

Really, the only bad things about the fall are that the sun sets too early, and those darn box elder bugs won’t leave me alone.

With the prospect of a Tuesday afternoon out of the office, I couldn’t get this blog written fast enough. I haven’t seen my pooch Molly in, I think, about three weeks — and it has been equally as long since I’ve taken the four-wheeler out for a spin.

I can’t forget the camera to capture some of the beauty found in the back pasture. Oh, the prairie flowers have all pretty much disappeared, but there’s still beauty to be found — somewhere — and I intend to find it.

By Saturday, with the start of the pheasant hunting season, my travels to the back pasture will be limited so as not to annoy the hunters next door — or somehow end up in the line of fire.

I suppose I can find something else to do instead, like rake the leaves in my back yard and let the neighbor kids jump in them.

Fall — it’s my favorite season. We won’t talk about the season that follows!