The Sweet Corn Bandit Returns

A few weeks ago, someone approached my dad in church and asked if the sweet corn was ready yet.

“Nope,” Dad said. (After all, it was only the Fourth of July weekend … when our corn should be about knee-high according to that old wives tale.)

Then, when I stopped to get my hair cut last week, a woman had asked me how my dad’s sweet corn crop was coming along.

Well, it’s not ready yet.

I’ve been a farmer’s daughter long enough to know that the sweet corn is ready right about the time the Nobles County Fair starts. It was always such a conundrum when we were kids … do we go home and have that fresh sweet corn on the cob, or visit the 4-H foodstand where they serve hot beef commercials and the best barbecue around.

Anyway, as people around town wait for Dad’s sweet corn to be ripened to perfection, there’s a certain sweet corn bandit that just can’t wait for the crop to be ready … my loveable mutt, Molly.

She first struck last week, waltzing out to the corn field and strutting back up to the house with not just an ear of sweet corn. Nope, she had the entire stalk.

As Mom shared the story, she said she scolded Molly that the corn wasn’t ready yet.

Molly looked up at her with those innocent brown eyes and went back to eating the miniature kernels. If she realized she’d done wrong, she really didn’t care.

Now, if you’ve never seen a dog eat sweet corn, my Molly puts on quite a show. She puts one paw on each end of the ear of corn, then digs in. She keeps rolling the ear with her muzzle to make sure she gets to every sweet kernel.

In just the last week, Mom has caught Molly with at least three sweet corn ears. At this pace, by the time the Nobles County Fair rolls around, she will have devoured the equivalent of an entire row.

Molly is the cause of so much laughter and spoiling down on the family farm, which makes me glad she’s staying with her “adoptive grandparents.”

Just a couple of days ago, Mom was laughing so hard she could barely share the latest Molly tale.

My pooch had tagged along with the folks out to the back 40 Wednesday to watch as Mom used the 4-wheeler to pull the lawnmower out of the mud. (I won’t say who buried the lawnmower in a wet area of the pasture … it wasn’t me!)

Anyway, it was hot and muggy, and when they’d arrived back up on the farm yard, Molly strolled right over to the grandkids swimming pool and laid down in the water to cool off. Yep, she’s one smart and spoiled dog!