Tempted By The Trivia

Last year, the page-a-day calendar on my desk was “1,000 places to see before you die,” but it wasn’t actually 1,000 places – it was more like 261 places to see before you die (Saturday and Sunday shared a page each week in the calendar.)

By about the end of January, I was already annoyed with the calendar – for several reasons. One: I’d never heard of most of the places and, therefore, had no desire to visit them; Two: Even if I wanted to visit them, I didn’t have the money; and Three: Images of tropical places on calendar pages during the months of January, February, March, October, November and December … combined with the lack of travel money … made me want to chuck the calendar into the trash can.

This year, when I failed for the second year in a row to find a page-a-day calendar filled with lighthouses, I opted for Jeopardy. I love the game show – it’s the only one I watch (unless I’m at the farm, in which case I must watch Wheel of Fortune with my folks.)

I love my Jeopardy calendar – mostly because I found it for 75 percent off, two weeks into the new year (it cost me $3).

However, I’ve found a slight problem with it … I want to sit at my desk at the office and work through the Jeopardy round – a whole week’s worth at one time. (Co-worker Kari told me yesterday I am not allowed to skip ahead except on the weekends, but I can’t help it, it just sits there, tempting me to try a new category or wager all my earnings in the Double Jeopardy round.)

The calendar actually has a line for me to keep track of my daily and weekly winnings … how cool is that?

So far this week, I’ve won $1,200 on Hawaiian speak – much better than last week’s questions related to scientific elements.

Now, if only that money was real, I’d use it to fund a vacation to Hawaii. It sounds like the perfect way to escape the snow, the wind, the ice and, oh yeah, the below-0 temperatures.