Letters From Friends

Flipping open the mailbox during these last few weeks before Christmas is always a joy for me. I can’t wait to see Christmas cards from friends and family, especially those with photos and detailed Christmas letters.

I’ve never minded getting the Christmas form letter. In fact, I usually write one myself. This year, however, the people on my list may not get theirs until New Year’s – the time just slipped away from me. It must have slipped away from my mother as well, as she hasn’t yet asked me to type hers up.

One of my favorite Christmas letters each year comes from friends Lois and Clark (no, not Superman and his inquisitive reporter female friend), who always write a rhyming recap of their year. It usually includes their fishing excursions, farming endeavors and travel expeditions.

It is the shortest of any of the Christmas letters I receive, but it always makes me laugh. I can’t wait from year to year to see which of them caught the biggest fish. (Today’s card had a picture of Clark with his big walleye and Lois with her little chub-sized fish.)

They don’t have e-mail, so the Christmas card exchange has been our way of keeping in touch ever since I moved away from Redwood County eight years ago. Last year, my letter to them led to a video arriving in my mailbox in January – an instructional guide on filleting a northern pike. I watched it a couple of times, took some notes and sent it back to them with a thank you.

In all the time I lived in Redwood County, I never took advantage of Lois and Clark’s expertise on the lakes. They love to fish and they’re good at it. I love to fish, but I’m not good at it.

This year, my Christmas note to Lois and Clark will read something like … “I tried and tried and tried some more; but those darn fish just wouldn’t bite my lure!”

Yeah, it doesn’t really rhyme. That’s OK though – I’m not a poetic Christmas letter writer – I’ll leave that to Lois and Clark!