Bah Humbug To Winter

I considered Monday to be my first taste of a Minnesota winter this season, having had to drive ice-covered roads and encounter white-out conditions as semis passed our four-wheel-drive truck on the way back to Worthington. Mom was in the passenger seat cringing and Dad was the back seat driver, as is usually the case.

We’d made a quick trip to Sioux Falls, S.D., just as rain began to fall on Worthington Monday morning to see the new arrival — my great-nephew, and my parents’ first great-grandson. No threat of a snowstorm could keep us away.

But when threat became reality outside the hospital room window, I began to panic just a bit — so much that I completely forgot to have my picture taken with little Brody.

I hate driving during our Minnesota winters.

I suppose I could just shorten that to “I hate winter.”

Images of last year’s high snow drifts in my front lawn are still vivid memories, and they certainly aren’t happy ones. To hear forecasters predict this winter will be just like last winter makes me want to pack my bags and tell everyone I’ll be back around April 15.

I was working late on Tuesday night, filling in while we get through the next couple of weeks without two key reporters, when I told our copy editor how much I disliked winter.

In his typical calm tone, Joe said, “Aw, it’s not so bad.”

Yet, when I asked him to name one good thing about winter, he couldn’t give me an answer.

I broke the silence a couple of minutes later with, “I suppose if a guy (hint, hint nephew Andrew) would invite me ice fishing, I’d like that about winter!”

Then, I thought back to long, long ago — there must have been a time in my life when I liked winter.

I suppose if I was 10 years old again, I’d like to hear that school was cancelled. And, being 10, I’d probably go dig the plastic sled out of the old wash house and head to the empty cattle pasture for a fun-filled day.

If I was 15 years old again, I probably wouldn’t mind taking the four-wheeler for a spin through the snow drifts.

And then I remembered back to when I was those ages — how chore time meant breaking ice from 5-gallon water buckets and carrying 5-gallon feed pails through knee-high snow drifts between the feed shed and the barn.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure I didn’t like winter even as a kid.

Joe and I did agree on one thing — we should at least have a little snow for a white Christmas, as long as it melts before my January birthday. My last two birthdays have been flanked by blizzards.

2 Responses

  1. Ooh, but I like winter!

    The air is crisp and clear, the snow and ice are gorgeous, and it gives me a great excuse for staying indoors.

    Also, our punishing winters give me bragging rights over friends from out of state, whose weather is just never as cool as ours.

    1. Julie Buntjer

      Kari, I’m going to print out your response and put it on your desk the next time you come in complaining about the snow. I figure that will happen during our next snowstorm! =)
      And personally, I’d rather brag to my Minnesota friends about living it up in perfect 72-degree weather in the middle of January.

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