Oh Deer, Not Another Stunk!

Over the years, I have learned a new vocabulary thanks to the little ones in my life.

I will forever be Aunt Juwee thanks to nephew Matt; flip flops are schlip schlops courtesy of niece Alayna; and skunks are stunks – for obvious reasons – according to my nephew Reece.

I was thinking about these words during a quick drive to the farm tonight as a rather potent – and apparently recently deceased – Pepe Le’Pew stole my breath away. Uff da Malafda!

‘Tis the season for road kill, and I’ve seen my share of dead skunks and raccoons in my back road travels these past few days. In fact, I nearly contributed to one of them.

I was oh-so-close to having a deer for a hood ornament the other night just outside of Hills. I had dimmed my lights for an oncoming car and didn’t see the giant doe standing in the middle of the road until it was right before my eyes.

I screamed and slammed on the brakes, and the doe had the sense to turn and run in the opposite direction – thank goodness.

My oldest brother totaled a car once because a deer decided to run into his passenger-side door, and one of my older nephews also wrecked a car because of a deer.

I’ve always heard that you’re better off hitting the deer than trying to avoid it, and of all things, that was going through my mind as my foot hit the brakes … well, that and “Please don’t destroy my beautiful car you stupid deer!”

Driving out in the country these days – especially after dark – is rather dangerous. The deer are on the move with all of the crops nearly harvested and the bow hunters on the prowl. Come this weekend – the first weekend of slug season – deer movement is sure to get even more dangerous for motorists.

So, if you’re out and about over the course of the next few weeks, watch out for the deer in the headlights. Oh, and for goodness sake,  try to avoid all those stunks on the road – they make my eyes water!

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  1. Melissa Bradfield

    I was so drawn to this column, because I have a 10 yr old son who STILL calls them stunks! I love it and think it is absolutely adorable!

    1. Julie Buntjer

      It’s good to hear my nephew isn’t the only one. Sometimes I think I should be keeping a journal of all the funny things they say. Tell your son a stunk is a completely appropriate name for those potent little pests! =)

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