Blinded By The Green Machines

Nephew Reece has loved everything about tractors and digging in the dirt since he was practically old enough to crawl.

Every birthday and every Christmas brings one simple request from him. He wants tractors – lots and lots of tractors.

This year, however, the request wasn’t just for tractors, but specifically John Deere tractors.

Now, Reece knows my aversion to the green machines – he thinks it’s funny. (No doubt his dad, my brother, has had way too much influence on the little tyke!)

After buying Reece a red tractor for birthday No. 4, and an International-red T-shirt for Christmas, I broke down and actually shelled out my hard-earned money for something with a JD logo for Reece’s fifth birthday. I can’t believe I’m admitting it.

Oh, the whole John Deere versus International discussion is a big joke in our family. I don’t want to offend any JD lovers here. Who knows, if I hadn’t flipped that John Deere pedal tractor and gone head over heels as a 5-year-old – a little trick that required a rod be put through my elbow and I be stuck in a hospital bed for two weeks – I probably wouldn’t have such a dislike for the green machines!

Anyway, we joined the Fairmont Buntjers for a little birthday party Wednesday night. I’m pretty sure I’ve not seen so much John Deere green in a room ever before. The birthday boy was wearing a John Deere sweatshirt – with a matching John Deere T-shirt underneath.

And the presents … apparently little Reece gave everyone the memo to buy green. There were green tractors (yes, plural), John Deere decorations for his room and one of those big “Parking for John Deeres only” signs that he was so thrilled to get he kept kissing it.

I bought him the John Deere truck (I went for the brown one instead of the green one – for obvious reasons) that included a 4-wheeler and a cattle trailer with three Holstein cows. I think he liked it – he was just too wound up, sugared up and excited to open the rest of his presents.

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    1. Julie Buntjer

      Oh, I should have known you would respond with a comment like that Brad! Personally, I think he’s been brainwashed. =)

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