I’m not sure how much rain we have received in the last 36 hours – the rain gauge I bought at a quaint little shop along the North Shore a few weeks ago couldn’t hold it all. So, I guess it was more than five inches in my yard and, like many people across southwest Minnesota and northwest Iowa, a portion of it has ended up in my basement.

So much for a day away from the office to accomplish a long list of projects I need to get done! Oh well, I finished a few things on my list, in between sweeping water from one basement room into the other basement room where the sump pump was working overtime.

One thing I’ve realized today is that listening to the sump pump kick in every few minutes can be a rather soothing sound.

I considered myself rather fortunate to have just a half-inch or so of water in the basement. Many more in our region had much bigger messes to contend with, and for some it wasn’t just water.

Perhaps the most depressing thing about this rainfall is the timing. Farmers were just getting a good start in the fields to bring in what by all accounts is a bin-bursting crop.

Some of my farming friends had posted photos on Facebook by early this morning to show overflowing waterways, filled ditches and waterlogged fields. It’s rather heartbreaking to see the corn and soybean crops get so close to harvest, only to endure Mother Nature’s unpredictable wrath this late in the season.

I should have taken the time for a drive in the country today to survey the damage. Instead, when I finally got myself out of the house early this evening, I headed down to the lake for a walk.

Wow. I wished I’d had a camera with me. (Oh, I just remembered my phone has a camera – shucks! I keep forgetting about that!) A few of the docks, including a favorite I like to take the nieces and nephews to, were partially, if not completely submerged.

The brisk wind was sending waves crashing up against the rocks, and the spillway underneath the bicycle bridge was filled nearly to the top. I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen the water that high in Lake Okabena. It was rather impressive.

After my walk, I returned home for one last battle with the basement for the evening, thankful that I don’t have carpeting on the floors and hopeful that the sun will shine tomorrow and we can begin to dry out.