The Sweet Corn Bandit

If you are a parent who has ever received a call from someone complaining about something your child did … well, I think I know how you feel.

I’m not a parent (thank goodness), but that didn’t stop my Mom from telling me the other day that my loveable little mutt Molly was a bad girl. (She couldn’t deliver the news without laughing, however, so I’m thinking the crime maybe wasn’t all that bad!)

Molly has had a fondness for corn on the cob ever since she was a puppy. I figured it was because I always bought her the healthy "Beneful" brand of food, with those little "green peas" and "corn nuggets" and other good stuff dogs can be trained to like if they aren’t spoiled by table scraps.

Anyway, Mom was tending to her garden one day last week when she heard a "yank, yank, crack" sound coming from the rows of sweet corn. She looked up in time to see my Molly run from the plot – pulling a six-foot stalk by its ear of not-quite-ready sweet corn goodness.

Mom was too busy laughing at the sight to scold Molly, which is probably why my little mutt hasn’t learned to stay away from the garden.

I have pictures of Molly eating sweet corn from a couple of years ago. It’s really a funny scene. She plops down on the grass after husking the ear, then puts a paw on either end and starts to nibble right down the center. Yum!

While Molly couldn’t wait for the sweet corn season to begin, my folks have patiently been watching and waiting for the crop to be at the peak of perfection. I got the call today that the corn was ready, so I headed to the farm after work to join two of my nieces for a sweet corn and barbecue supper while my folks went to a county fair down in Iowa with a couple of the grandkids.

It was kind of a nice mid-week break with the girls – Crystal, Jessie and my Molly, otherwise known as the Sweet Corn Bandit.