Young Love

Back in 2005, I was blessed to have a nephew and a niece born within two months of each other.

Reece (also my Godson) arrived in October and Katie came along in December.

Ever since, they have been the subject of my special photo projects.

When they were babies, I dressed them in coordinating M&M onesies Mom and I purchased at the M&M World shop in Las Vegas, Nev. (The purchases were made months before the babies arrived — and before my parents even knew they would have two grandchildren born that year. Just in case you are wondering … yes, I managed to keep the secret from Mom and Dad for the entire two-week vacation — an amazing feat for me!)

Anyway, my little peanut M&Ms were plopped in an antique baby basket when they were several months old (it was the basket my mom had as a baby … I guess that still makes it an antique!) and I began clicking away with my camera.

After close examination of the more than 50 images, I managed to find two that looked decent enough to print. An 8×10 print still hangs on a wall in my home — it’s the first thing I see in the morning and the last thing I see when I turn out the lights at night.

When Reece and Katie were two, I bought Reece his first Twins jersey and Katie her first Twins cheerleader outfit.

That photo session took a little longer because, well, they were two. Two-year-olds don’t exactly stay where you want them to stay. They are easily distracted — and easily annoyed by an auntie who wants the pictures to be perfect!

In four years, I’ve taken photos of the two of them sitting together on an old goat cart, splashing in the pool, hugging at Christmas and generally being the best of friends. (The photo shown here is the one I get to see every day on my desk at work.)

On Sunday, my sister-in-law shared a story about picking Reece up from preschool one day. She asked him if he had a girlfriend (wondering if he liked one of the little girls in his class, but expecting him to say “no”) and he turned to her and said, “Yep.”

Well, of course Kari had to ask who his girlfriend was. That’s when Reece turned to her and said, “Mom” (in a tone that said “how could you not know!”) “It’s Katie!”

“Your cousin Katie?”


Well, it was a cute story, and it made us all smile.

And then I went outside to do a little weeding in the garden. As I walked past the swimming pool where Reece and Katie were playing, Katie declared, “Um, Julie? Reece and I are pretending we’re married!”

It was followed by giggles — from both of them.

Next week, Katie will be the flower girl and Reece will be the ring bearer at my nephew Matt’s wedding. I’m sure they will be the subject of many photographs — Reece in his tuxedo and Katie in her pretty little dress. I just hope my camera doesn’t capture them being kissing cousins!

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    Thanks for reading Kari! I can’t wait to see the kiddos on the dance floor next week. =)

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