Ready For The Sun To Shine

I don’t know about you, but I can’t remember the last time we had a day that didn’t include at least a little rain. Maybe it was last Tuesday or Wednesday, maybe it was longer ago than that.

My shift at the Daily Globe tent during the Regatta seemed to be the one part of Saturday when it didn’t rain – I was thankful for that. I watched the windsurfers as they raced on the far side of the lake, I tied balloons on the wrists of little kids, helped sell Regatta T-shirts and was in the tent when both of the $100 winning plastic balls were turned in. (The numbered balls were tossed out along the shoreline and people of all ages collected them and turned them in at the Globe tent for prizes.)

With the Regatta now complete, it’s time for the next big weekend … and it’s just five days away! The Nobles County Relay for Life is Friday night. I’ll be writing a couple of Relay-related stories and at least another blog for the Daily Globe this week as we prepare for this big event to honor those who have died of cancer and celebrate those who fought the battle and survived.

I just hope the sun returns by Friday – and stays around for a while.