I’ve made three visits to the cell phone store in the last three weeks and I have yet to replace my 7-year-old chunky Nokia cell phone.

The thing is my cell phone works fine, except for a few missed calls as of late because the phone failed to ring and the caller went straight into voicemail.

I haven’t dropped my phone in the kitchen sink, lost it down a storm sewer drain or … thank heavens, watched it fall into the toilet. You may laugh, but I know friends who have lost their cell phones to such calamities!

I’ve been waiting for my cell phone to die, but I’m beginning to think I should just retire it and put it out to pasture instead. It’s already passed up two contract extensions – it’s ready for a break.

Making the decision to part ways was fairly easy. The hard part is figuring out what I want to replace it with.

I don’t know what I want. (Some of you are probably thinking … typical woman!)

Each visit to the cell phone shop has been with a different person. So far, it’s two votes for a Droid and one vote for the buy one-get one free model that has a touch screen and up to 300-page views in a data pack. To be fair, that last model is favored by my niece, who wanted the "get one free" phone for herself. Unfortunately, her dad put the kibosh on that deal.

Co-worker Kari keeps talking about how incredible her Droid is … or is it that she loves her Droid Incredible? I don’t know.

The other day she sent me an e-mail on the benefits of a phone that can do everything. This followed our Friday experience covering the announcement of a land purchase at Rock Rapids, Iowa. By the time I drove my car out of the Rock Rapids city limits, she was typing my lead paragraph into her Droid, and by the time we drove into Ellsworth, she had a couple of paragraphs posted online at www.dglobe.com as breaking news.

This incredible phone could make my job easier, she said. It could allow me to do my job in the field – if I could tolerate typing more than a couple of paragraphs on a miniature cell phone keyboard.

I could take pictures and upload them to our news site, I could post status updates on Facebook, I could do so much with this incredible, beautiful phone, she said.

Geez, with all of that, who needs a desk and a computer? Welcome to my car and, oh, by the way, here’s my phone … it does everything!

I thought writing a blog about my conundrum would somehow help me to make a clear decision. Unfortunately, I don’t think it has helped. Perhaps I’ll just think about it a while longer.

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  1. Cheeky

    If you don’t want to shell out all the money for the Incredible, The HTC droid Eris is a very nice phone and cheaper and nearly as nice as the Incredible. The Incredible has an 8 megapixel camera and RAM: 512MB DDR where the HTC Eris has a 5 megapixel camera and RAM: 288MB DDR so other then that, they are nearly identical and have the same features. A 5 megapixel camera is nothing to sneeze at. It takes some pretty great shots and the 288 MB DDR RAM is plenty fast and sufficient. I used to have a Blackberry and was reluctant to switch, but the droid far outperforms the BB in almost every area except one. The BB had better sound but only marginally so. The droid just runs smother too and way more free apps from the Market then are available for the BB. The best things about the droid is that it runs on linux and it’s open source. Tapping out long messages on a phone is something I find annoying I wouldn’t do that on any phone. It’s fine for short messages. There is always voice notes or video. Finding a new cell phone can be nerve wracking. What others may like may not be for you. It’s all going to depend on what you want out of phone. Me? I love tech gadgets and the droid is a really great gadget that I use on a daily basis for so much more then just the phone feature. Happy hunting.

  2. Julie Buntjer

    Hey, it’s been a while Cheeky, but whoa – I don’t understand half of what you wrote! Obviously, I’m not a technology guru! I would like a camera on my new phone, and I learned they pretty much all have cameras these days. Being able to access e-mail would just be an added bonus. Like everything else, it will come down to cost … meaning I’ll probably end up with the $10 flip phone! =)

  3. Cheeky

    I don’t consider myself a guru either. I just like to know what I am buying and research things. Tech stuff fascinates me and I read manuals and nerdy-tech sites that would probably bore most people to death. That’s just what I do. I like to know how things work so I research. The world is at my fingertips on the World Wide Web. Wish I could find a job that pays me to do that but I’m sure they’d make me research something I don’t want to know more about. 😉 In plain English: Essentially, the HTC Eris is nearly as good as the Incredible. The Incredible has a slightly better camera and slightly more RAM. In computers, which smartphones really are, The more RAM, the faster things process so something to think about is getting as much RAM as you can afford if you don’t like waiting forever for something to load. I also know that taking pictures is a passion of yours as it is mine. You are not going to find a cameraphone that takes as good quality of pictures as a stand alone digital camera but they sure are convenient when you don’t have your camera with you. The Eris and The Incredible have about the best camera’s you can get on a smartphone in my opinion. I’m not sure which flip phone you are talking about, but if it’s the Pearl Flip, that camera is in the 2.0 megapixel range which is about what my Blackberry had and even though it took alright pictures, I always wished it took better pictures. I’m not saying 2.0 megapixel is bad. I’m just saying that I wished I had more. There is so much more you can do with smartphones too. Really useful things like calendar and alarm clock and notepads and internet and maps and Navigator and weather updates. The Eris works seamlessly with Google and Facebook. It was designed to work with Google and it does it so very well. Linux is an operating system like you use on a computer like Windows Vista, XP or MAC OS X. So if you haven’t nodded off by now, and if you do get a smartphone such an a droid, and if you have problems figuring out how to use it, ask someone who has one to teach you some of the basics. I’d be happy to show you if you get an Eris. They can be a bit overwhelming at first if you have never used a smartphone before but once you learn a few tips and tricks, you can get the most out of your phone.

  4. Chad

    Julie, I’m pretty sure you will love the technology. But there I times I question it. Do I really need all that strapped to my hip? Well, it does make it simple to be anywhere anytime and be able to at least talk someone through an issue, or solve the daughters family emergency. There are most certainly times where I wished the darn thing would fall in the lake (again…yes, again) so I wouldn’t have the constant buzzing and never have the ability to hide out or just leave it all behind. All in all, it has now become part of life. Heck, it even wakes me up every morning as I use it as my alarm clock. Can you live without it, knowing you, yep you can, could I, not after having it! Is this one of those necessary evils???

  5. juliebuntjer

    Thanks for the laughs Chad – I have heard of cell phones getting lost to the lake! You make a good point about cell phones not allowing people to just get away from it all. I take mine to the lake too, though I don’t know why. It’s annoying when it rings and takes me out of my peaceful trance … and I really don’t want fish slime on the key pad.

  6. Cheeky

    Did you get a new phone yet? What did you get? I hate my phone ringing all the time. I put it on silent a lot.

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