Bug Splats And Bird Droppings

I washed my car after work yesterday.

This morning, I went out my back door, walked around the back of my car and there … smack dab in the middle of my driver’s side window was a big, bad bird dropping. Ugghh!

Of course, my dad would tell me that’s what I get for not parking my car in the garage. Therefore, I will not tell him about the birds and their dropping habits. No matter how old a person gets, it’s never enjoyable to hear an "I told you so!" from a parent.

Usually the birds don’t bother my car, but now that I’ve said that, I’ll probably be jinxed forever by bird poo plopping on my pretty little Pontiac.

Thank goodness my car caddy is well-stocked with wet wipes! (Don’t laugh, it really did work!)

I’m sure the wet wipes will do no good, however, in cleaning off all the bugs that splattered my windshield and front end on the way home from Luverne this afternoon. I swear, everything I hit had a bladder full of yellowish-colored liquid … and there were more than a dozen splatters by the time I parked in front of the newspaper office. (No, I didn’t really count all of the bug splatters … well, not after the first half a dozen anyway. It can be a rather boring drive down the interstate!)

I tried to clear the bugs off with the windshield washer fluid, but you can about imagine the kind of mess that made. And no matter how tempted I get, I will not scrub the bugs clear with window cleaner. I learned my lesson with that stuff several years ago, when I was driving in the rain and the window cleaner caused a constant film that was difficult to see through.

I suppose what I’ll end up doing is going back to the car wash … the bay where I can do the scrubbing myself. As I discovered yesterday, I can wash my car by myself for about half the price of the automatic wash. Best of all, I’m now prepared to scrub all those spots I missed on Monday’s visit … you know, those tricky little spots way down on the bottom, behind the back wheels.

And, at half the price, I guess I can afford to go to the car wash twice as often … but I’d rather not. Next time, I’ll just park my car in the garage and have it look nice for at least 8 hours.