Thunder And Lightning

There’s something about the sound of raindrops on windows and thunder-boomers loud enough to rattle the walls that makes me appreciate spring. The rain will help my tulips grow … I’m anxious to see what colors crop up.

I like to watch as the lightning lights up the night sky (although it is much more difficult to do in town than it is down on the family farm), and I like to hear the ting-ting-ting as the raindrops hit the windows and the rain gutters.

I must say, however, that the first sound of thunder kind of startled me tonight – mostly because it came within about a minute of an incredibly loud train whistle that broke me out of my trance. I was reading (yes, I’m still working on that book, "Animal Factory" … and yes, I am procrastinating on that scrapbook project!)

I thought our storm was supposed to arrive earlier this afternoon … so much for those weather forecasters!

Oh well, the thunder and lightning were reason enough for me to put down my book for the night. Honestly, I’ve had about enough of the incredibly, though not surprisingly, one-sided story of how factory farms are poisoning our environment and our people. Yet, I am forcing myself to read on to the end, I still don’t know why! My plan is to finish the book by the weekend – what a relief that will be. I thought Michael Pollan’s "Omnivore’s Dilemma" was rather detrimental to animal agriculture … well, David Kirby’s "Animal Factory" seems even more negative to our industry.

The next book I read will not be negative, nor will it be non-fiction. Who knows, maybe I’ll finally pull "Lake Wobegon Days" off my bookshelf upstairs … it should be filled with Minnesota humor, I’m guessing.