The Tulips Are Coming

Ever since the last of the snow melted along my fence line, I’ve been looking at the black dirt up near my garage and waiting for a sign of spring.

A couple of weeks went by and still, I could find no broad green leaves poking through.

I began to think the huge bunny that took up residence in my yard decided to have a tasty spring treat. I don’t know if bunnies like tulip leaves, but now that I finally see some color poking through (some of the leaves are a dark purple color), I’m thinking maybe bunnies just prefer grass and those fruit and vegetable plants my folks grow out on the farm.

Tulips are my favorite spring flower. I don’t know why it took nearly five years of city life for me to finally get around to planting some in my yard … oh yeah, now I remember … I am not a gardener.

My parents are the gardeners in the family. Actually, my younger brother is too.

The extent of my gardening is planting perennial flowers … the kind I really don’t have to putz with. I water them when I remember to do so, and pull out the thistles that seem to grow much faster than the flowers.

I certainly don’t have a beautiful flower garden by any means … but as long as my tulips bloom, my bleeding heart springs to life, the columbine blossom with their dainty little flowers and the rudbeckia brighten up the front of my house, I’ll be happy.