Just Me And The Girlz

Every so often, my niece to the west and my niece to the east hatch a plan to get together, and when they do, it often becomes a "Girlz Night" with Auntie Julie in Worthington.

I don’t mind. I like spending time with them (aka taking them out for supper, going to a movie or renting a stack of DVDs and staying up half the night!)

I think they come for the pizza … and because I don’t threaten to toss their constant texting machines (cell phones) out into the snowbank like their Buntjer grandparents out on the farm.

Yes, it’s a big decision for them to make … Grandma’s home cookin’ on the farm, or Auntie’s tolerance of technology. Sometimes I win, sometimes I lose!

When the almost-16-year-old called me this afternoon and suggested dinner and a movie, it didn’t take me long to agree to it. It’s been an extremely long and busy week at work. So what if I have notes for two stories to write, so what if I have another interview on Saturday afternoon … work can wait … for 24 hours, at least.

We spent our supper talking about boys and babies (there were a couple of cute ones at the pizza place of their choice … babies, not boys), and then we went to a movie … again their choice.

After shelling out the cash for the flick, I figured it was my right to complain afterward. We should have seen the romance movie instead.

If I see a Jabberwocky’s head bouncing down a spiral staircase in my sleep, I’m going to scream loud enough to wake them from their slumber in my living room. It’s just a little thing called payback!