Co-worker Takes One For The Team

My blog writing has dropped off considerably in the past couple of months … my apologies to my faithful Farm Bleat readers. There just aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done and still have a little time for myself.

If you are a regular reader of the Daily Globe, you may have noticed the weekly features on the World War II veterans of Rock, Nobles, Murray and Pipestone counties … they are published each Thursday. It became a special project of mine in early December as we in the southwest corner of Minnesota began to raise $136,000 to send our heroes, free of charge, to see their World War II Memorial in Washington, D.C.

Each week, I scroll through my list of names and numbers of veterans who have already applied for Southwest Minnesota Honor Flight and select a person to interview. I know nothing about any of them on the list, which is one of the exciting things about being a journalist.

Who has good stories to tell? Who fought in the big battles?

The truth is they all have good stories to tell … their stories … each one different from the next.

Pen and notebook in hand and audio recorder recording, I know sharing their stories with the world is the least I can do. For a little extra, I’m selling buttons for Southwest Minnesota Honor Flight to help pay their way.

But, I draw the line at taking the Deep Freeze Dip.

Last week, U.S. 104 Highway Patrol morning show personalities Matt Widboom and Chad Cummings tried to coax me into taking the dip. Oh sure, they pulled out all of the stops … calling me a celebrity in my hometown because I work for the newspaper, and telling me it was for a good cause (I already knew the latter, but I’ll never consider myself a celebrity, sorry guys!)

Trust me, no one wants to see me jump into a lake … especially me!

I had no second thoughts, however, about volunteering the co-worker who shares my little corner of the newsroom … Kari Lucin.

It was an obvious choice, really. She knows how to swim (I don’t), she owns a swimsuit (I don’t) and she is completely willing to jump into a freezing cold lake to raise money (I’m not). I will, however, be at Sunset Park on Lake Okabena by 1:30 p.m. Saturday, selling Southwest Minnesota Honor Flight buttons to help add to the fundraising efforts.

The buttons are $5 each (additional donations gladly accepted) and ALL of the money goes toward sending our veterans on a two-day excursion to see the World War II, Vietnam and Korean memorials, as well as Arlington National Cemetery this spring.

They gave so much for us … let’s give them something in return.

Oh, and if you plan to join in the festivities on Saturday, please cheer on Kari as she takes the dip … she’s taking one for the Daily Globe team!

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  1. juliebuntjer

    Is that what you’re going to say when you take the dip?
    I think you should shout, “Cowabunga Dudes!” Hehehe. All in good fun! Thanks again!

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