Upstaged By The President

Ever since my interview with Jane Wildung-Lanphere earlier this afternoon about this weekend’s Winterfest celebration in Luverne, the song, "Let it Snow," has been playing over and over in my head.

Of course I had to share this bit of information with my co-workers, which led to two reporters singing the words out loud and a third co-worker not at all pleased that the lyrics were now being replayed in her head.

It is starting to feel a little more like Christmas … even without the snow on the ground.

I fixed my icicle lights outside my house this morning, and my tree has been decorated for more than a week. I’ve even managed to get a few family Christmas gifts wrapped and under the tree.

I was even looking forward to the Christmas specials airing on TV this week … although I was a bit disappointed that the Nobles County Commissioners were going to be meeting during the airing of "A Charlie Brown Christmas" tonight.

But wait … the show has been pre-empted.

Thanks to President Barack Obama’s address to the nation tonight about increasing troop strength in Afghanistan, "A Charlie Brown Christmas" and Disney’s new animated special "Prep and Landing" will now air next Tuesday, Dec. 8.

I can just hear Charlie Brown saying, "Good Grief!"