Let There Be Light!

I decorated my Christmas tree this weekend.

I know, I know … it’s not even Thanksgiving yet, but I had a weekend with absolutely nothing to do. That doesn’t happen very often.

Now, I tend to think I’m a fairly organized person. I have all of my Christmas items stored away in one particular closet upstairs. The tree, the village pieces, the snowmen, the ornaments, the wrapping paper and the lights … they are all there, ready to be carried downstairs for a complete cluttering of my living room until such time that I get everything arranged. Or until I scream in frustration and say, "This is good enough!"

My frustration hit its peak about 2 o’clock Sunday afternoon, when I could not find which of the little white lights on my tree had inadvertently been changed out with a red-tipped light, causing the string to blink off and on. (You can read this to mean that I stupidly put the red-tipped light in the string after last Christmas, or that I failed to check all of the lights before putting them on the tree.)

Had the entire set of lights blinked, I might have been OK with it. But I had three strings of the constant light variety, followed by one string of blinking lights, followed by another string of constant light. It looked horrible.

So there I was, laying down next to my tree, rotating the tree stand to look for one tiny, red-tipped light. I turned the tree nearly all the way around without finding the out-of-place bulb, all the while hearing the angel tree-topper rustle above and threaten to fall a second time. Yes, my day wasn’t going well. Fortunately, the angel fell into my hands on its first and only topple.

Anyway, I’d nearly given up hope of finding the culprit that was causing the string of blinking lights when I decided to pull out a light on the strand. Just as the entire string of lights went dark, I noticed the red-tipped bulb taunting me two bulbs over.

I put a clear bulb in its place and ah, what a sight!

By Sunday night, my tree was decorated and the lights were turned off. It won’t get plugged in again until after Thanksgiving.

The Christmas village isn’t up yet, but after the frustration with the tree, I think maybe I’ll leave the village pieces in their boxes in the closet upstairs.