Go-Go Gomez And The Gang

My cell phone rang within a minute after Carlos Gomez slid across home plate and clinched the Central Division title for the Minnesota Twins after 12 back-and-forth, stressful innings of play Tuesday night.

On the other end of the line was my 8-year-old nephew Blake.

His words: "I changed my mind … I want the Gomez shirt!"

Of course there’s a story behind this.

Sunday morning outside the Metrodome, I was standing in front of a rack of size small Twins T-shirts on clearance … aha, Christmas presents! Blake’s choices were Francisco Liriano or Carlos Gomez. I had the Gomez shirt in my hand because it was the only one, and because I just like Go-Go Gomez … he’s fun to watch!

But when I called Blake, he said he wanted Liriano. I tried to talk him out of it, but he insisted.

Something (perhaps a foreshadowing of what was to come) told me to get the Gomez shirt anyway … for the price, I could afford to get both. I also snagged a Gomez shirt for my Godson Reece, thinking the boys could be twin Twins!

As I mentioned, the shirts were to be Christmas presents, but now the cat is out of the bag. If there is one thing my family knows, it’s that I cannot keep any kind of secret … whatsoever … when it comes to Christmas presents.

By the time I was off the phone with Blake, he knew that he was not only getting both Gomez and Liriano shirts for Christmas, he knew that his little brother was getting a Gomez shirt too! Gee whiz … sometimes I just can’t keep a secret!

In my defense, Blake caught me at a very exciting time … the Twins had just extended their season.

He caught me at home, alone, without anyone to cheer with (well, except for all of my Facebook friends who were posting messages continually throughout the game). Thank goodness they couldn’t hear my screams and cheers when Alexi Casilla slapped the ball into right field.

Gee, I wonder what my neighbors thought! Then again, maybe they were screaming and cheering too. I was being too loud myself that I couldn’t hear them!

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  1. Kari Buntjer

    Great story, Julie! [Do you ever sleep?] 🙂 They will LOVE their Twins shirts!! Blake was ear-to-ear with a grin after getting off the phone with you. I’d say let this all settle down and maybe he’ll forget about the shirts until Christmas…but we all know he’s got a mind like an elephant…he never forgets 🙂 Can’t wait to see those shirts…& the smiles on the boys’ faces when they get them =D I’ll be sharing this story with Blake today after school. Have a great day!

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