A Weekend At The Homer Dome

Ah, home sweet home … and Dome sweet Dome!

Brother Kevin and I were both thankful to be under the big tarp of the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome Saturday and Sunday for what was to be the final two games in the indoor baseball stadium. It was to be the farewell to the Dome, until our Minnesota Twins captured a clean sweep of Kansas City and the Detroit Tigers lost two of three to the Chicago White Sox. The Twins and Tigers will now face off at 4 p.m. Tuesday for the AL’s Central Division title … I think I’ll have to leave work a little early that day!

On Sunday, my brother and I were among more than 51,100 fans to cram inside the Metrodome to cheer on our team and reunite with some of our old favorites. I was especially excited to see the most handsome Twins hunks of all time! Former first basemen Kent Hrbek and Marty Cordova were part of Sunday’s farewell celebration, and current first baseman Michael Cuddyer (Cuddy) … homered Saturday to put the Twins on top, 5-4, and again on Sunday to score the last run in the Twins’ 13-4 victory.

We chanted "Cuddy" and "Koob" (for Jason Kubel), and "MVP" each time Minnesota native Joe Mauer came up to the plate. On Sunday, many even rooted on the White Sox as the score flashed up on the screen.

While our view of the game may have been better on television, our view from Section 105 was so much more exciting. We watched the wave, we did the wave and waved our Homer Hankies (leftovers from past seasons were handed out to all who entered on Sunday), we cheered, we laughed (loved those reruns of Hrby’s "Memorable Moment" with Ron Gant on first base!), and some of us even shed a tear (for our Kirby … he was a part of so many Metrodome memories.)

So many emotions, so many memories … and so much hope for another Twins win on Tuesday!

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  1. laura

    lucky lucky you! Yesterday’s game looked like a lot of fun on TV! my family has been trying to get tickets to the division game since yesterday and needless to say, all circuits are busy!

  2. juliebuntjer

    It was awesome, Laura! In between the end of Sunday’s game and the farewell ceremony, people were actually running out of the Dome toward the sales windows to get their tickets.

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