Of all the months, September is my favorite.

I like that it gets cooler. I like that the corn and soybean fields are starting to turn from green to shades of yellow and brown. The falling leaves are pretty, and the maples … while not as gorgeous as those I’ve seen in Vermont and New Hampshire … are Minnesota’s version of beauty.

I’ve always thought that if I married, it would be in September. My two older brothers had September weddings. It’s not too hot, usually, and it’s not too cold.

We were talking about weddings in the newsroom today, though I can’t remember how the discussion came about.

My younger brother and sister-in-law attended a wedding in Worthington on Saturday … it was one of at least three in town, I believe.

As I headed out to the farm Saturday noon, I saw one wedding party getting their pictures taken along Sailboard Beach. The bride was beautiful in her ivory-colored gown and her dark hair curled and arranged in an up-do. A couple of bridesmaids were carrying her train to keep it from getting dirty on the bike path, while the guys were busy posing down by the dock for the photographer.

Being the photographer has to be one of the most stressful jobs in a wedding. I’ve done it twice … and both times I spent the ceremony worrying that the pictures wouldn’t turn out. Back then I used actual film for my camera, which was a trusty Pentax K-1000 … manual everything.

The pictures turned out both times, but they were far from the portrait quality prints the professionals take. Both sisters-in-law said it didn’t matter to them … believe me, I warned them long before their wedding dates! Both said the photos would get put in a book and probably never looked at again.

The one nice thing about being the wedding photographer was that I didn’t have to be a bridesmaid … I did that twice, as well.

This farm girl would rather dress in overalls and work boots any day than have to wear a silky dress and heels! I think if I ever did get married, I’d choose a wedding on the farm as opposed to a fancy church ceremony … and the fewer people gawking in the background, the better! What man wouldn’t agree to that?

I don’t know why I’m sharing all this. Maybe it’s because we are into September … it makes me think of weddings every time it rolls around.

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  1. pb

    If you have a farm (outdoor) wedding, all you have to worry about is the weather!! Or what the animals think!!!

    Had a good time last night!!

    See you soon!!

  2. juliebuntjer

    The two roosters could crow and the turkey could gobble … and the cattle better stay in their pen!
    Have fun as club leader this next year … I’ll be here if you need any help. We forgot to ask for volunteers for assistant leader last night.
    It looks like I’ll be spending a lot of time mentoring little Mr. Secretary this year!

  3. CMR

    My youngest daughter was married Oct of 2008, beautiful time for weddings, but we are still waiting on photos from professional photographer, let me say i won’t be recommending her services to anyone.

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