Tappity-tap, tappity-tap-tap … and then, all was quiet.

Yee-haw … Wahoo … Aaaagh …

I finished writing the last of seven Daily Globe Annual Report stories tonight – just before the point of mental exhaustion, I think. As is my tradition when it comes to finishing a massive undertaking (whether it be seven Annual Report stories or my latest cross-stitch or hardanger piece), I let out a scream and release the stress that has built up in my system over the course of the project. It makes me feel better!

I sure hope you all will read this massive special edition that will be published in the March 28 edition of the Daily Globe.

Just to pique your interest, I’ll share with you a few of the fascinating facts I learned during the course of my interviews:

* Ellsworth Public School superintendent George Berndt retired seven years ago and the school board asked him to come back to work. He hasn’t missed a day of work for his own sickness in 45 years, and he has a collection of cars that would make any man drool.

* Nobles County Commissioner David Benson and his wife Sally Anne spent a decade building their energy-efficient dream home in rural Ransom Township, northwest of Bigelow. They did all of the work themselves, with the exception of the brick and block work, and the bricks used in their home were recycled from the former Bigelow bank building!

* Luverne Economic Development Authority director Jill Wolf has been known to go home after a day at the office, only to change into farm clothes and help clean out the hog barns.

Well, I hope these little tidbits have you eager to see the entire edition of 35-plus stories on the people who help make our communities great places to live and work.