Reality Check

I try to avoid all of those reality shows on television these days – Survivor, American Idol, Big Brother, etc. – which means that until the Minnesota Twins start their season on April 6, there aren’t a whole lot of shows worth watching on TV.

Well, except for the Bachelor (cringe!)

My mom reeled me in to watch The Bachelor a few weeks ago and I got caught up in the little cat-fights between the women in the house – and wondering who this single dad from Seattle, Wash., would choose for his potential bride.

Any show that puts more than two dozen women into a house to fight over one man has to have some drama, right?

Well, tonight’s the last night – the night when Jason will supposedly pick the woman of his dreams so they can spend the rest of their life together (yawn!)

You can’t put a whole lot of faith into a show that has a track record of one marriage in the who-knows-how-many-seasons of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette.

Anyway, my cell phone rang while I was driving home from work today. Mom won’t be able to watch the show tonight.

“Can you tape it? It’s on for three hours. Can you fit three hours on a tape?”

“Yes … THREE HOURS!! … Yes.”

I told her that if it was really necessary for me to tape the show, she should stop by on her way home and pick it up – and then watch it – tonight.

By Tuesday morning, Jason and his woman will probably be on all of the talk shows. There’s no point in watching the tape then, unless you want to waste three hours of your life.