Warning … Graphic Image

As I was searching for Associated Press copy and related art to include on the Agriculture page for Tuesday’s edition, I opened up one image I really wish I hadn’t.

The story, which you will find on the ag page, was about pocket gopher bounties in southern Minnesota counties. I found an image of a guy with a trap, and thought I’d use a second photo to go along with it.

I clicked on a very small image of the second photo and there, filling my entire computer screen, was a picture of an out-stretched hand holding tiny pocket gopher feet. The brief second it took to close the picture box failed to prevent the image from burning into my eyes – to the point that I could see nothing else when I blinked but these decaying pocket gopher claws. Yech!

From time to time, the AP puts a warning lable on photos – especially those that depict death. For the squeamish like me, I know not to open those photos. I just wish they’d put a warning label on the pocket gopher feet.

By the way, you will not see the image on Tuesday’s ag page! (However, co-worker Kari helped me to post a link here just in case you wanted to see it! It comes with my personal warning – view only if you dare!)

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