Chillin In My Own Little World

Holy cow it’s cold outside! It makes me wonder again just why we choose to live here. I like to have four seasons, but minus-40 windchill seems excessive.

It begs the question – if you could live anywhere in the U.S., where would you live? I’d tend to say Anacortes, Wash., (I went whale watching off the coast there once) or Kittery, Maine (I had my first lobster dinner there). The drawbacks are that it rains 80 percent of the time in the Seattle area, and Maine probably gets more snowfall in a year than we do in Minnesota.

California, Arizona and Texas would be good answers, if it wasn’t so hot there during the summer months.

Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri and Tennessee are out because they are in tornado alley. I’ve already lived through one of those – I don’t need to experience another one!

The only U.S. states I have not traveled through are in the southeast – Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, South Carolina and Florida. I honestly don’t know if I’d want to live in any of them, but I know it gets quite hot there during the summers too.

So, I guess that leaves the Midwest, with its distinct four seasons. Given that choice, Minnesota wins with its land of 10,000 lakes and endless opportunities to catch a fish.