Blizzards And Birthdays

I tend to believe I’m among a majority of Minnesotans ready to say ENOUGH with this winter weather. January is notorious for snow and cold – just one of two reasons why I don’t like having a January birthday. (The other reason is that it falls too close to Christmas).
My family finally managed a trip out of town on Saturday for Christmas with my grandma in Willmar, only to have to spend four hours driving through sometimes blinding snow to get back home that night.
That was how I spent my birthday – driving through snowdrifts and wind-blown snow – and hearing the story once again about the January blizzard of 1975, which started on my birthday (Jan. 10) and ended on my dad’s birthday (Jan. 13). I was just four years old at the time, but mention of it at the office today brought about many memories from co-workers.
Do you remember the blizzard of 1975? If you’d like to share your memory, I’d welcome your stories. Just post a comment to this blog.

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  1. Scott

    We were living on a farm 2 miles north of Fairmont. I was a freshman in high school. School got out early that day, and we made it home with a friend from town in tow. The blizzard hit hard and my dad was coming from the International dealership where he worked and got stuck near our grandparents home which was 2 miles north of the fairgrounds. He holed up with them for the next three days while mom and us seven kids and our buddy Russell rode out the storm at our place. I’m 49 now and I have yet to see a storm in my lifetime that would best that one. My dad had all the groceries with him so our amazing mother, who could make a shoe taste good, somehow fed all of us with canned food from the basement and other odds and ends. We survived just fine! I also remember walking up a drift to the very peak of our hoghouse after the storm. The bitter cold that followed was legend. My dad started a beard during his stint at our grandparents and still has it to this day.

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