Welcome To The Farm Bleat

Welcome to The Farm Bleat, the blog written by me, Daily Globe Farm Reporter Julie Buntjer.

Perhaps you’re wondering why my blog has a goat in the logo.

Well, I’ve been the farm reporter here at the Globe for five years, and I used to raise goats on the family farm south of Worthington – between Lake Ocheda and Lake Bella. I raised Saanens, a white breed of dairy goat, and showed them for several years at the Nobles County Fair and Minnesota State Fair.

While I no longer raise goats, I have a rather large collection of them in my home – everything from the ceramic knick-knacks to pillows, singing stuffed goats, goat books and even a goat puppet.

My blog won’t always be about goats, however, so be sure to check back often and read about what I’m up to.