Best Wishes Bob O’Connor

I’ve spent the day working on a story for the weekend edition of the Daily Globe about Robert O’Connor, the Jackson County Attorney who will leave later this month for what may be an 18-month tour of duty in Iraq with the Army Reserves.

O’Connor is in his 30th year as a Reservist, and this will be just his second out-of-country deployment. In his absence, Jackson County Assistant Attorney Sherry Haley, will manage his workload.

O’Connor planned to retireJune 1, but that will have to be pushed back indefinitely.

I haven’t written about any local soldiers serving in either Iraq or Afghanistan for quite a while. Since our area National Guard soldiers returned home in July 2007, I haven’t heard of any of our men and women being deployed.

I think O’Connor deserves to be commended for stepping up to the plate and serving his country.

If you know of an area resident currently serving in the Global War on Terrorism, please send me an e-mail at I’d like to do more features on our troops.