Dear Sweet Molly, I’m Sorry

Readers, my blog has moved. To read this morning’s post, click here: The Farm Bleat. Soon, The Farm Bleat and AreaVoices will no longer appear on The Globe’s website. Please visit the new site, where with just a click you can follow The Farm Bleat and be alerted to new posts. Thanks for reading!

Turning Moments Into Memories

Dear reader, Due to the planned shutdown of the AreaVoices platform in two weeks, my blog has been moved to WordPress. It’s still called The Farm Bleat, and you can find it — all 645 past posts and the latest, “Turning Moments Into Memories” — at Please bookmark it and feel free to check…
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The Never-Ending Winter

Stir-crazy. [stur-krey-zee]. Adjective. 1. Restless or frantic because of confinement, routine, etc. 2. Mentally ill because of long imprisonment. Example: I’m going to go stir-crazy if this winter doesn’t end soon.   Actually, I think I’ve already fallen off the cliff — not the mentally ill kind of stir-crazy, but the restless kind of stir-crazy.…
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The Wintertime Trifecta

We Minnesotans like to complain about the weather, this I know to be true. It’s either too hot or too cold. There’s too much rain or not enough, too much snow or not enough, too many days when the sun doesn’t shine. And then there is the wind; always we seem to have the wind.…
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A Christmas Wish Too Big To Fill

Dear Santa, I know you’re real busy and there’s no time to waste. You probably won’t read this, you’re in such a haste. After all, you have lists to make and check twice, and then to remember who’s “Naughty” and “Nice.” The elves are bustling with much to complete, and Rudolph must be readied to…
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