Unless you are a skilled texter, you’re probably looking at the alphabet soup that is this headline and wondering what in the world it means. “Rolling On Floor Laughing, I Don’t Know Why … Shake My Head” I had to visit to learn if IDKW or IDKY was the proper acronym for I Don’t…
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Seeing the sunset on Lake Okabena Sunday was far more calming that taking my nephew fishing that afternoon.

The Art Of Patience

I have often wondered why we remember certain memories from our childhood and forget others. I remember speeding down the driveway on my younger brother’s John Deere pedal tractor at age 5, but I don’t remember the walk back up that driveway dangling a badly broken arm. I remember staying up late into the night…
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Molly takes a break in the pool in this photo from the summer of 2013.

The Hot Dog Days Of Summer

I flipped the four calendars on my desk to August on Monday. August … already. Where has the time gone? I suppose I could just look at the scribbled notes that fill the pages of June and July. It would show a healthy mix of work and play, board meetings and fishing expeditions, special projects…
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Two of my favorite lighthouses and they ended up side-by-side in my scrapbook album. The pages are in order by date I visited them.

So Much To Do, So Little Time

In a job filled with deadlines, it seems I am always working “under the wire” on something. I wouldn’t call myself a procrastinator, per se, but I can tell you nothing gets my fingers flying over the keyboard faster than a looming deadline. The deadlines are so constant I rarely celebrate the achievements of a…
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Fireflies In The Night

I drove out to the farm after work Monday night. It was already 9 o’clock, but I didn’t care. The passing storm had painted the sky gloomy shades of grey, orange and yellow and the humidity was so high it cast a haze over the prairie. There was an eeriness about the weather, and I…
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