They Don’t Make Things Like They Used To

Does it just happen to me or are there others out there who seem to have the worst luck when it comes to major appliance breakdown? Less than six months ago, I arrived home late one Friday evening, reached into the refrigerator’s freezer for some food to heat up, and discovered everything was thawed out.…
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Those Darn Kids!

It was a full house at the Buntjer farm again on Easter Sunday as four generations of the family gathered inside and outside for food and frolic — and a lot of both it proved to be. It was about mid-afternoon when Nephew Matt cautioned all of his cousins to watch what they say and…
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Happy National Ag Week

Earlier this week, the Daily Globe front office had a visitor — the most adorable brown and white baby goat. Unfortunately, the message didn’t get up to the newsroom, and yours truly missed out on meeting the cute little kid. I saw the pictures after she was on her way home. Growing up on the…
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Farm Bleat

Where You Are And What Really Matters

If you are a faithful reader of the blogs appearing in the Daily Globe most days, you likely read that my two fellow reporters, Alex and Robin, each lost a grandmother within the past few weeks. Next week marks the one-year anniversary of the deaths of Night Editor Roberta’s last grandma, and the death of my…
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I think if you multiplied the amount of dust bunnies in this picture by, say, a gazillion, you'd have a pretty good idea of what it looked like under my bed!

Well, That Sucks!

The last time I wrote a blog for this space, a reader told me my words have made her laugh, made her cry and made her think. I considered it pretty high praise, and was determined my next blog would try to make her — and you — laugh. The following story has been shared…
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